Knowledge is Power

This page was created on the concept that political ideas, historical events, data and statistics can and should be explored and examined.

Please note, this page does not encourage or engage in any hatred of groups or individuals. Instead, this content is meant to encourage the the admiration of the First Amendment and the rights we are given.

This content is about allowing individuals to engage in the examination of public sourced documents and studies regarding the ideas, actions and events of the past and the present that directly impact the daily lives of the citizens of the United States of America.

It is the hope that examination of such information can lead to the educated and nuanced exchange of ideas that will be required to fix was it is broken in our cities, states, nations and the world.

This page was created on the basis of the simple assertion that you have a right to know what is….and you have a right to speak your mind regarding what you know to be true.