What will the future bring for white children?

As a woman and a mother living in the United States of America I worry about my child daily. I worry constantly will my child be discriminated against today? Will my child be forced to hear and see the many messages of hatred aimed at people of our race that bombard us daily? Will my child grow to be a hated minority in our own country that our forefathers fought and died to claim to give to us?

I worry about these things because we are white.

I worry about this because everyday I am faced with a barrage of hateful rhetoric directed at people who look like me….

I would like to point out that while certainly there are members of every racial group that could fit into any of those aforementioned categories….White people are the only group that can have those assertions made about them with the public seal of approval. You see it on TV, in magazines, books, and certainly online…… In fact, I would argue that there is nowhere in the world that hatred of those who share my skin color is more sanctioned than the bowels of social media. If one asserts hatred towards (or even dares to poke fun at) any other racial or religious group on social media you will quickly find yourself banned. However, pronouncing how hateful whites are is not only acceptable it is encouraged.

“white people are dull..stupid…racist…crazy…” and the list goes on and on….

White Privilege?

I am told that words like the ones I have written on this page are “hateful” and they come from a place of “privilege”….I like to consider myself a thoughtful person, so I considered this sentiment….I just kept coming back to the thought, is it privileged to be hated in your own country for being a law biding working class citizen?

With 4 incomes (4 different jobs) between two adults and one child we still live paycheck to paycheck. We own a townhouse we will spend the better part of out adult lives working to pay off, and due to our child having special needs we have medical bills and expenses that we will never be able to repay.

Despite living in a state where it snows regularly a good portion of the year, we have not had working heat in 6 years. In order to fix it we would need to replace the entire system and we simply cannot afford it…As the snow falls outside I stand in my cold house typing this on my laptop on the kitchen counter. I stand next to the oven that I have just made cookies in, and I have the oven door open so that I can enjoy the heat and warm up the kitchen. I find it hard to understand where my “white privilege” is… and even harder to understand why I am so hated for simply being born who I am.

While I am not looking for sympathy or charity, I am simply asking why is it okay to berate and hate one segment of the population for their attributes? Why is it okay for all other groups to express in-group preference except for one group? Why is it okay to presume that one group has “privilege” based on characteristics that are genetically obtained? why is it okay that some parents have to stay awake at night worrying about their child’s future in an environment of ever increasing hostility.

I am not encouraging hatred of other groups, I am only coming from a place of love and concern for the group I was born into…. I am simply asking:

Why isn’t okay to be white?