The Omnibus Bill (pictured above) is not a win for the citizens of America. However, there are winners from this bill, and they are crossing our border en masse .

According to a recent article in the El Paso Times ; border patrol officers reported the highest numbers on record for illegal crossing in the past few days.

In the past two mornings, border officers took more than 12,000 migrants into custody along the border, McAleenan said.

“A high number is 4,000-6,000 is crisis level,” McAleenan said. “12,000 is unprecedented. On Monday, we saw the highest total of apprehensions and encounters in years, with over 4,000 in a single day.”

-El Paso Times

For some comparison on the subject:

  • March of 2018: 37,400
  • March of 2019: 104,000 [Border Control estimate on 03/25/19 based on weekly numbers]

Why is this occurring? Because section 224 of the recent omnibus bill provides a lottery of citizenship for anyone who crosses the southern border with a child.

SEC. 224. (a) None of the funds provided by this Act
or any other Act, or provided from any accounts in the
Treasury of the United States derived by the collection
of fees available to the components funded by this Act,
may be used by the Secretary of Homeland Security to
place in detention, remove, refer for a decision whether
to initiate removal proceedings, or initiate removal proceedings against a sponsor, potential sponsor, or member
of a household of a sponsor or potential sponsor of an un-
accompanied alien child ( as defined in section 462 (g) of
the Homeland Security Act of 2002 (6 U.S.C. 279(g)))
based on information shared by the Secretary of Health
and Human Services.

This combined with a significant reduction in beds at detention centers, is creating an massive onslaught of illegals that know now is the time to play their hand.

With over 100,000 illegals crossing the border in one month, it is not unreasonable to assert that the number might be over 1 million by the end of the year.

We must end this before we lose our country and there is nothing left to fight for. We must stop the drugs, gangs and those seeking easy entry to the social welfare programs that America offers to those who break our laws. As a country we must collectively demand: “Enough, please no more winning.”