This post is written to cover current proposed legislation that if enacted would lead to affirmation of the stated UN goals. The legislation can be read here or found on The treaties and resolutions the legislation supports can also be read here.

As with all of the topics I write about, if these proposed laws make you uncomfortable I encourage you to call your local representatives. Call them often. Let them know how you feel [using polite nuanced verbiage of course]. Let them know that you know what the Congress and Senate are debating, and you are watching the votes that they cast.

HJ Res. 54:

States the following: Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States recognizing and securing the fundamental right to life, liberty, and property, which includes housing, health care, education, and nutrition.

What this bill is proposing is that an amendment be added to the constitution that every individual has the right to “life, liberty, housing, health care, education and nutrition.” This would certainly help the UN bring their Agenda 21/Agenda 2030 goals to fruition. If the government is deemed responsible to provide housing, food, nutrition and health care for everyone….then they would also be given the power to control all of these resources as well. If this is allowed to pass, there will be no need to vote on single payer healthcare, or private property rights. All of that will become a moot point once it is mandated in the constitution.

H.R 66:

This bill is interesting in that it is allocating “responsibilities” to government agencies… responsibilities that should already be understood. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 has been law since 1964, there should be no need for legislation to state this obvious fact. The only reason that it would need to be reiterated is if the powers that be wanted to reiterate the verbiage already stated while adding additional verbiage into the already passed legislation.

H.R 66 reads:

Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives regarding the obligation of the Office for Civil Rights of the Department of Education and the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice to enforce title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and its implementing regulations, and expressing the sense of the House of Representatives regarding the obligation of the Department of Housing and Urban Development to ‘‘build inclusive and sustainable communities free from discrimination’’, and for other purposes.

The segment that is emphasized is important because there is nothing in the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that states the government is obligated to build “sustainable communities.” This is the government attempting to use legislation already passed to implement new attributes and government power.

HR 66 can be read in the attached file: