This post is designed to be an overview of the financial outcome and power held by the United Nations. The entities examined are: The Bretton Woods Standard, the  International Monetary Fund, the World Bank,  USAID, and the concept of Economic Assimilation.

Bretton Woods New Hampshire:

In 1944, one month before the UN charter was signed some of the most powerful elites met in Bretton Woods New Hampshire to create a “global financial system.”

  • the gathering was formally called the United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference. Its (unspoken) purpose was to create an international system to control world finances complementing the United Nations framework for political and military control.
  •  Harry Dexter White was a powerful influence during the conference and design of Bretton Woods documents. White was  Roosevelt’s Assistant Treasury Secretary (he was later unmasked as a Communist agent in the declassified Venona Project by the FBI), who also attended the Dumbarton Oaks conference [ the UN Charter signing] the following month.
  • According to released notes from several participants White voiced desires to create a system with the following attributes:
  • to control international finance
  • destroy the financial independence of the nations of the world
  • redistribute wealth from the rich to the poor countries
  • White described his plan as the International Monetary Fund [IMF]- He openly stated that “America was not ready to accept international financial aid aside from war time assistance”…However, he mused that “if presented as a stabilizing economic factor” he felt the American populace could be convinced to accept the idea.
  • By tying Bretton Woods to the peace movement, the Treasury Department, in collaboration with the rest of the administration, was able to elicit grass-roots support for the[International Monetary] Fund.
  • In addition to the IMF, the World Bank and USIAD were created at Bretton Woods and while all three of these organizations were created separately from the UN….since the creation of the UN all are now directly connected to it.

The Reality of the IMF:

The IMF was intended to create instability. by sucking the world’s poorer nations into total dependence on IMF loans, and by financially weakening the wealthy countries, especially the United States. The chaos created by such destabilization would allow the Insiders to integrate all countries, both rich and poor, into a single global economic and financial system.

The operation of the IMF:

  • Takes taxpayer dollars from developed countries to pool them together into a bank
  • Then the IMF creates “loans” for developing countries
  • The IMF knows that the developing countries it loans money to can never repay many of the loans. That is the entire point…when the countries default on the loans the UN can come in and demand that the undeveloped countries enact  economic standards of “assimilation” including changing their tax rates and creating additional regulations on private enterprise. Put another way: through the loaning of “charitable funds” the UN is able to commit power grabs on developing nations after saddling them with debt they will never be able to repay.

The World Bank:

The second financial organization to  emerge from Bretton Woods is the World Bank. While the IMF specializes in fraudulent loans to developing nations and keeping fiat currencies afloat, the World Bank is used to “charitably fund infrastructure projects in developing countries.”

  • Sadly a large percentage of these project never materialize, and instead the funds end up in the pockets of the corrupt governments of these nations, and never reach the most impoverished members as intended.


The United States Agency for International Development is another UN created financial agency. This agency directly takes money from the US taxpayer and “redistributes” these funds in the name of “sustainable equality” to developing nations.

Why foreign aid doesn’t work:

As a side note foreign aid is no win proposition because:

  1. It lines the pockets of the most corrupt in the developing nations
  2. It supports an unsustainable population growth in developing nations
  • Additionally it demoralizes and destroys the taxpayers who are forced to fork over their income [ regardless their income bracket]with no say in how it is spent. They are forced to see their  hard  earned money being spent on peoples and nations that they have no connection to, and are irrelevant to the average blue collar working person in these countries

The Sought after outcome of Bretton Woods:

Economic Assimilation:

The creation of a single world financial system, including a world central bank and a single world currency, was the ultimate goal of the Bretton Woods Conference.

  • Originally, John Maynard Keynes tried to propose a single world currency, which he called the “bancor,” but the world in 1944 wasn’t yet ready for such a step. Instead, financial Insiders developed a long-range strategy to organize the world into regional economic blocs, with regional currencies and regional central banks that could later be consolidated into a single global entity.

An Example of the process of Economic Assimilation:

  • In the 1950’s the populace of Europe was convinced that if they created a “central system” it would be simply to create standards of free trade. Europe resisted, but the powers that be assured them they would keep their sovereignty. And the European Common Market was created.
  • In 1957 it morphed into the European Economic Community which begin to create “assimilating regulations among the members” [ie common laws, that robbed the member states of sovereignty]
  • In 1993 it morphed again into the European Community, gaining even more regional powers.
  • In 2009 it was “absorbed into the European Union” and it all became one streamlined system of control and oversight for the European members.
  • In the early 2000’s am “EU Constitution” was written but it was rejected by several members uncomfortable with the idea of having a regional constitution.
  • However, in 2009 the Lisbon Treaty [which contained much of the original language of the EU Constitution was ratified and is still in place]

The Result: In the span of around forty years the countries of the EU went from free Independent Countries to a controlled block of assimilated members. This was a planned and well executed shift that used the power of economic assimilation to force political assimilation.

That is how is it done. Little by little, ebbing away the rights and power of the member states while slowly gathering the power for the ruling elites.

“In short, the ‘house of world order’ will have to be built from the bottom up rather than from the top down.” “An end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece, will accomplish much more than the old-fashioned frontal assault.”

Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Richard
N. Gardner in April of 1974

The EU is not the only one:

The following are examples of eroded sovereignty~

  • European Union
  • African Union- primarily  run by the US, EU and  China  Beijing built the headquarters and Eu is funding 80% of the budget-
  • Union of South American States  (UNASUL)
  • Eurasian Union

As a side note -NAFTA currently serves as the binding force for North America. However, the USMCA is currently in the process of being implemented. This document is being masked as a trade document only. However, it lists regulations for immigration, LGBTQ discrimination as well as legal tribunals. If it is passed,  it will interconnect North America in a way that will make it impossible to undo[ if you doubt my assertion, simply look no further than Brexit].

In conclusion:

The UN is continuing to gather financial power, and as the powers-that-be gather more power, they will implement more laws and regulations that bestows more power upon themselves. As far fetched as this might seem, I believe we are not far off from a world currency and world bank. As history illustrates; economic assimilation is the first step in political assimilation….and political assimilation is one step away from a “Global Governance.”