The Players on the Field:

  • The White House
  • The Senate
  • Congress

In the wake of the now widely recognized crises at the United States Southern Border the White House and the House of Representatives have all produced plans to answer the increasingly angry American populace.

In the chaos of illegal entry reaching levels above 100,000 per month It has become a tug of war between the powers that be as to who will offer the most palatable solution first….in my opinion none of the plans presented are good alternatives, each has negative attributes, but some of these plans offer far better outcomes for the American population than others, and I urge all American citizens to know what is going on. No matter which plan is adopted, it will change the course of the country and the lives of the populace.

The White House:

I am not a cheering squad for President Trump. There have been many disappointments for me since I actively invested a large portion of my life in the two years leading up to the 2016 Presidential election. However, I do believe in giving credit where credit is due and the 14 bullet point immigration plan that President Trump unveiled in May of 2019, has some encouraging attributes.

Attributes of President Trumps immigration plan:

  • The White House plan calls for a complete overhaul of the legal immigration system. Calling for a merit based system and doing away with the current system of family based chain migration that is heavily abused and manipulated. This new system would be called the Build America Visa, it would increase the number of merit based migrants from the current 12% to 51%. The plan would do this it by grading migrants in a variety of categories and award a Green Card to those with the highest scores.
    • Keep in mind this means that 49% of immigrants will still be able to use the currently abused system of family migration and asylum claims.
    • The effort to limit legal immigration in anyway with certain attributes is incredibly important. I argue over and over again that we are taking in to many legal migrants. We are overwhelming our country with newcomers that we do not have the resources or employment opportunities to take in. Additionally, we are quickly losing the culture and customs that the United States populace are accustomed to, I would like to see more than a 51% increase in this area.
    • The exchange here is this: instead of allowing one person to sponsor 20 distant relatives in the span of 5 years, the new system would allow for expedited admittance of nuclear family members(spouses and children under the age of 18). I still feel there is potential for abuse with this( look at Congresswoman Omar who according to public records by the school they attended as children and USCIS; married her brother to bring him to the US). I suppose that it could be argued that allowing direct family members quicker access might be preferable to a steady stream of distant family members for years to come, but with the knowledge that 49% of migrants will still be using the system to bring in that steady stream, it is hard to be optimistic about this slight win.
  • One proposed attribute that I did find encouraging is that President Trump’s plan calls for the funding for the extra border patrol needed to come from “those using the services of USCIS.”
    * However, while this sounds great on paper, the truth is that those who are applying for asylum and green cards usually do not have the ability to pay for the funding needed for the application fees. These fees are often covered by waivers that are tax payer funded.
  • Additionally, the plan proposed by the White House calls for the ability for the public to have the ability to donate to fund a wall.
    • personally, I think this will be challenged legally, and will most likely not be allowed by a court of law.
  • Something that this plan does not have is E-Verify. I have argued before and will continue to argue that until E-Verify is passed there will be a constant stream of illegals crossing the border. We must remove the incentive for them to come. That incentive is the ability to make money, with E-verify that incentive would be significantly reduced.
  • The plan calls for increased detention centers and beds. This is a good thing…if we are unable to send people home immediately then we have to have a place to put them while they work through the system. If we do not have a place for them to stay then they will set free in the country and we will not see them again.
  • While honestly I do not find this plan to be extremely promising, it is certainly better than the wide open border we currently have. I would rather see stricter limits and E-verify imposed, but this is better than no plan at all. However, I doubt that this plan could be pushed through the House and Senate.

The Senate’s Plan:

S.386 [cited from Congress.gov]

To amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to eliminate the per-country numerical limitation for employment-based immigrants, to increase the per-country numerical limitation for family-sponsored immigrants, and for other purposes.

  • This plan calls for a decrease to the allowed number of family based migration allowed from each country. It specifically notes that no more than 15% of all immigration from a country would be allowed to be family chain migration.
  • However, in return, the plan will now allow considerably more “qualified work based migrants.” There would be exceptions to allow more than just the remaining 85% of migrants not covered by the 15% that would now be family based migration.
  • There would be allowances for additional work based migrants for certain companies seeking to bring migrants over.
  • Additionally there would be extra allowances for migrants from certain countries seeking work.
  • This plan is being marketed as a “bipartisan plan” as 33 co-sponsors have signed on. Members of both parties are sponsoring this bill.
  • The plan does not call for additional border security, or funding for detention beds, or E-verify.
  • While, I do see the benefit in lowering family based migration, I am not happy with allowing even more migrants in to the country regardless of the reason.
  • I do not see much of a difference whether someone is coming to America to live off the American benefit system, or whether they are coming to take a job that would otherwise be filled by an American worker.
  • The facts about work based migration are this:
    • work based migrants are usually in one of two classes-
    • 1) They are brought here to work blue collar jobs such as agriculture, or hospitality. These are jobs such as waitstaff in restaurants, and working for farmers. The native citizens that would otherwise fill these positions need these jobs. These are people that are living paycheck to paycheck and having to compete with foreigners who will do this work for less leaves the native born citizens no options except to turn to social benefit programs to feed their families.
    • 2) The second and most widely used work based category is the tech/programming sector.
    • Large tech companies such as Google, IBM, and Microsoft have discovered that importing mass amounts of migrants from India to do their basic level programming is much less expensive than paying a recent American college graduate to do it.
    • This is devastating to the population of young mostly male Americans who are paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to obtain these computer programming degrees, only to be denied a job because someone from India will do it cheaper.
  • In conclusion I feel this is a very weak step to control migration. However, it is not the worst step we could take.
  • It will be interesting to see how the Senate votes, will the Democrats allow their hatred of Trump to be the end of a bill that their own party wants to pass? We will see…

The Congressional Plan: [ Cited From Congress.gov]

HR 6 [The Dream and Promise Act]-

Quoted from the Bill: To authorize the cancellation of removal and adjustment of status of certain aliens, and for other purposes.

This proposed legislation is by far the worst action we as a country could take on immigration. In fact, I do not feel it is hyperbole to assert that this would be one of the final nails in America as we know it.

Notable parts of this bill:

  • This bill would allow 10 years of citizenship benefits to be bestowed on millions of individuals.
  • Included in this act would be those who had applied and been granted DACA; as well as those WHO NEVER BOTHERED TO APPLY OR who applied and WERE NOT GRANTED DACA.
  • In theory this would only be granted to those who meet certain educational requirements and have not been convicted of serious crimes. However, there is an entire section on “lifting conditions” so that any or all of these requirements can be waived.
  • This is will not only apply to those who were brought here as young children. Anyone who came here in the last 4 years and was under 18 when they arrived will be considered. This means that anyone who entered on their own accord at 17 and is now 21 will be applicable. Additionally, it should be noted that the documents used to verify age are very lax in qualifying factors. Birth Certificates are not required as proof of age.
  • This has a segment that specifically allows for those who have been removed since 2017 for being in the US illegally…to reenter and be considered for this program.
    • Put another way: people who have been through the system and been deported could be allowed a do over in their bid for citizenship.
  • It would also make it almost impossible to deport anyone who is here illegally if they have one legal family member in the US.
    • The bill states that anyone who is a parent of spouse or family member of someone who is here legally ( like a baby born on American soil for instance) cannot be removed if it might cause a hardship to the family members.
    • Effectively this offers amnesty to anyone who crosses the border illegally and produces a baby.
  • The Promise portion of the act refers to the individuals covered by Temporary Protected Status. TPS is a program that was meant to offer temporary relief to those in need, it was never meant to be an entrance to citizenship in the US.
  • In short, the Promise segment would allow millions of individuals and their families become instant legal immigrants with all benefits included.
  • There are marginal additions to this bill calling for additional “border security.” However, this is simply verbiage thrown in to give the appearance that the Powers-That-Be care about the security of US security.
  • This bill has passed congress and will be put on the Senate calendar for a vote. I urge anyone who can to call their Senator and let them know this is not acceptable.


As a country we are in a very tenacious position right now, what we do regarding this issue will have an impact for generations to come. While the average American citizen does not have the power to control the actions of the governing elite. You do have the power to control your actions, and knowledge is power. The more you know about what your government is doing, the better you can decide how you will respond to the impact their actions will have on your life. Go to your local town halls, show up and take part. Use your voice to tell others what you know.